More than 120 films they present themselves in the Second Edition of Calella Film Festival


At the festival, to be held from June 24 to July 2, films have come from Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Czech Republic and China, among others.

This morning, the mayor of Calella, Montserrat Candini, and the director of Calella Film Festival, Jonathan Ruiz, presented the second edition of Calella Film Festival, to be held from 24 June to 2 July. Once again, the festival aims to reward talent and effort of those with few resources manage to make a quality film.

As explained by the director of Calella Film Festival, Jonathan Ruiz, the festival will consist of three competitive sections, as well as activities, courses and workshops. As a highlight of the festival will be given the “Award for Low Budget” which involved more than 120 international films and aims to reward low-cost productions and emerging directors. Moreover, this year introduced a new competitive section, the “Rosebud Creative Awards”, which reward productions that exceed the financial limit that marks the festival itself and thus prevent left out interesting projects and remain “low budget. ” Finally, we focused on a younger audience, delivered the prize “48-hour limit,” which will feature short films recorded and edited in only 48 hours. As a novelty this year, the winner can make a master script and direction of actors Tecnocampus Mataro.

The festival program also includes further and 3D animation workshops, acting classes, a party “Grease” and film screenings in the open, where the musical will have a special role.

On the other hand, the mayor of Calella, Montserrat Candini, stressed that Calella Film Festival, despite having only two editions, representing the city for a seal of quality commitment and thanked the organizers. He also recalled that since the City of Calella is working on the creation of Calella and Calella Film Office Film Festival may contribute to increase in the coming years the number of films shot in our city: “The last year in the whole country were conducted on 4040 projections filmed municipalities throughout the country. Of these, six were in Calella and 100 m or friends forever. If you want we can work together for many years, we love the cultural diversity. ” It also highlighted the collaboration with other organizations such as the city ATSOC, who has made a lipdub called “Cale lla land,” which will premiere on the opening day of the festival.


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