The Calella Film Festival has received 150 films from 50 different countries

Presentacio mitjans Calella Film Festival 2019

Once again, the festival aims to reward the talent and effort of those who with few resources manage to make a quality feature film.

We arrived at the fourth edition of the Calella Film Festival, which will be held from June 21 to 29, a festival that rewards films with few resources and quality and that is consolidated with the memory of feature films received and with a jury made up of personalities as important as Itziar Castro, Jordi Frades, Santi Millán or Patricia Font, among others.

They are the people who will have to decide between part of the received films. This year, there have been 150 films from 50 different countries for the two contests. It is explained to us by Montserrat Candini, Mayor of Calella.

“They have entered more than 150 films in competition from 32 countries, I think it is a very good data and a new record of participation”

This increases the number of movie passes that by now adds up to fifty.

Among all of them, Anna Giménez and Joan Armengol, members of the organization, tell us what the opening and closing feature films are.

“Of the” Low Budget “award we have 10 films, from Qatar, Catalan, etc. Several directors will come to the presentations (…) And at the” Creative Rosebud Awards “the opening film” Freaks “is Canadian And the closing film is Catalan and is called “Staff Only” by Neus Ballús and starred by Sergi López, who will also come to the presentation. “

Another novelty is the screening of documentaries, in this case, one of the projections is “Octubre” by Ernest Vilà.

“With respect to other years we have two documentaries the day after the inauguration, on Saturday 22. One is native,” October “by Ernest Vila and the other is about the life of Peret, a Catalan gypsy with a very strong history. interesting. “

On the other hand, the third contest “Limit 48 hours” will participate short films recorded and edited in only 48 hours, and where the theme will be the rise of fascism.

“In the” 48 hour limit “this year’s theme is the rise of fascism, which is the theme on which all the short films, which we have already received, must be based on, and among these we will make a selection to present them during the closing day. “

For this edition, the organization expects to exceed 7,000 visitors. The presentation that took place this morning was attended by the mayor of Calella, Montserrat Candini, the president of the Rosebud Association of Film Lovers, Albert Guinart, and the members of the organization Anna Giménez and Joan Armengol.




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