The Calella Film Festival awards “Dad is Pretty” and “Errementari” for best films


On Saturday, June 30, the awards for this year’s edition of the festival were presented in the Mozart hall. The movie “Dad is Pretty” takes a double track record; to the best film and the best actor.

The gala began with the performance of Atalaya, actress of the movie “Abrázame como antes”. Those responsible for conducting the event were, as is already the tradition, Juli Fàbregas and Jordi Diaz; However, as the edition dedicated to women, they also had the help of actress Cristina Brondo.

The first installment was the Best actor award. The awards were given by the actress Bárbara Goenaga: in the Low Budget category, Myung – Guk Kim won for “Dad is pretty” and in the Creative Rosebud category were Jason Ritter for “Bitch” and Eduardo Antuña for “Matar a Dios”. Antuña highlighted the good atmosphere with the actors during filming and the difficulties in the world of cinema.

Mireia Aixalà presented the awards for Best Screenplay. The winners were Steven Sears and Bill Watterson for “Dave Made a Maze” and Jurgen Ureña for “Abrázame como antes”, in the category of Creative Rosebud and Low Budget respectively.

After they requested the presence on stage of the director Jaume Balagueró to give the awards in the category of Best Director. The winners were Mariana Palka for “Bitch” and David Sousa for “Re-evolution”, who expressed his hope because Jaume Balagueró, a filmmaker who has always admired, gave him the prize.

The actors Octavi Pujades and Cristina Campos took the stage to present the award for Best Actress, which was taken by Itziar Castro to “Matar a Dios” in the Creative Rosebud category. In the Low Budget category, the winners were the actress of “Resort Paraiso”, Virginia de Morata, who got excited when making her speech, and Jimena Franco for “Abrázame como antes”. He collected this last Atalaya Award, which highlighted the importance of including the transsexual collective in any activity other than prostitution.

The mayor of Calella, Montserrat Candini, awarded the Best Film award, which in the Low Budget category was for “Dad is Pretty” by Soo-min Park, and in the category Creative Rosebud was for “Errementari” by Paul Urkijo.

At the end of the awards ceremony, the screening of the closing film, “La vida lliure”, directed by Marc Recha, was made.

Radio Calella TV had the opportunity to interview the Catalan film director Jaume Balagueró and the actor Sergi López. Then you can retrieve the conversation.




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